VisionProject Feature Tour - Document Management

The document management feature in VisionProject is powerful to use for storing documents, with version control. You can also share the documents to your colleagues (read-only or read/write), publish them to your customers or even create and edit html- and text-files directly in VisionProject.

Documents and folders

You can organize your documents by creating folders and therefore have a "Windows Explorer"-like structure. You can also make folders or documents available in your customer portal, the Support Center. To prevent simultaneous editing, documents can be locked.

Document management

Documents on issues

Documents can also be attached to issues. When an issue is created from an email in the ticket system, attached documents will automatically be added to the issue. This will happen during any conversation with the client. There is also a page collecting issue documents from all issues, next to the project documents page.

Issue documents

Online documents

It is easy to create HTML and Text documents online from within VisionProject. To know what has been changed between different versions, these types of documents can be compared.

HTML documents

Multi upload/download

The document archive also has a flexible multi upload/download feature.

Multi-upload Multi-download