VisionProject Feature Tour - Project Management

The project management capabilities in VisionProject are very powerful and can support all projects in your organization, both with an agile and traditional approach.

A project in VisionProject can include a lot of different entities, such as any number of issues/tasks/sub-tasks, documents, discussions, phases/iterations and so on.

You can also use VisionProject for time management inside projects, with possibilities to estimate time/costs, allocate resources, track time on activities, and get up-to-date information about actual time/costs and project status.

Project page

The Project page contains a status overview of your project, including information about costs, number of open issues (by type, user and status), versions, different kinds of progress charts (including burn-down chart, burn-up chart) and a calendar. There are also possibilities to set a budget for a project. Project page

Project summary

The Project summary page, found on the projects panel on the left, gives you a good way to view key-data for your projects, all summarized on one page for easier overview. By grouping by project category, you can easily see information about common projects in the same view. Project summary

Project tracking

In the Project page it is easy to get a complete overview of the projects health, including an overview of how much money that has been generated on the project, if you use the resource management functions. Below you can find screen shots of some information that is available

Project overview

You can see number of (open) issues grouped by status, issue type, number of issues in a version and progress, number of issues per user and allocated work per user.

Number of open issues

There is also a chart showing the rate of opened issues over time.

Project progress

Project categories

To organize projects, there is a possibility to create categories. A category can include any number of projects and there is no limit to how many categories that can be created.
Project categories

Template projects

To be able to create projects of the same kind, template projects can easily be created. When copying the project to a new project there is an option to choose what kind of information that should be copied.

Copy project